What is Vivvo CMS?

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Vivvo CMS is a news, article and media publishing software that enables you to create a full website easily without any knowledge or experience with HTML, Web site design or management through the comfortable Ajax-based site structure management interface and high flexibility of design, content, and functionality integration.

It gives you the power to create different layouts and different styles for each section of the site, different user groups to help you manage your content with a built-in privilege system, and above all, the ultimate Search Engine ranking capability.


  Full AJAX front-end widgets and drag'n'drop for administrating categories and articles
  Completely automated SEO with Google Sitemap for your web site and pages
  Support for Mobile/PDA devices
  Open Search for major browsers
  Ideal for multi-user environment
  Easy configurable and swappable skins, with custom templates and CSS styles for each category
  Multi-language support
  AJAX based Administration - manage content with ease and elegance.
  The system auto-dates new articles, or you can change the date manually.
  Easily customize HTML templates to match the look and feel of your website.
  Supports multiple users with different access levels and permissions.
  Format content with no HTML skills using the WYSIWYG editor
  Build Static SE Friendly Pages.
  Ability to publish different kinds of articles: Full Article, Summary only, Internet URL (summary and link to an outside website), Uploaded file (summary and link to a document like a PDF, spreadsheet, or Word Document).
  Ability to control individual article components (comments, ratings, position, etc.)
  Webmaster syndication: share content of your website via JavaScript or XML feeds.
  NEW! - Automatically import feeds from other websites ad articles and news!
  NEW! - Upload media files with full streaming capability!

System Requirements:

  Website - You must have a website in order to install the software. The software does not run on your PC, it runs on the actual computer that hosts your web pages.
  PHP 4+ - Your web server must have PHP 4 or better. Your network administrator can download the latest version of PHP from http://www.php.net. PHP is extremely common though, and installed on virtually every webserver on Earth.
  MySQL - Your web server must be setup to allow database access. MySQL 3.23 or later required.
  FTP Access - You will be transferring files from your local computer to your website, so you will need some kind of "File Transfer Protocol" software. We recommend CuteFTP
  Write Access - You must be able to make files and directories writable on your web server. If the software doesn't have write access it won't be able to update its data files.
  Sendmail/SMTP - Mail server required for optional email notification functionality.
  mod_rewrite - Apache Web server module required for usage of Search Engine Friendly URLs.

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