What is new in Vivvo 4.1

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• Vivvo introduces new set of AJAX features to enable fast and easy content publishing administration of your site!
• New features include drag'n'drop for re-arranging articles and categories, rotation of headlines,
front-end article tools…..!
• Social bookmarking (Tags) Tag-cloud, navigation and ability for registered users to tag articles…
• Page Caching - Blocks of outputs are now being cached for servers with high load to achieve optimum speed and performance. Now it is possible to run up to 500,000 articles!
• Full media and streaming integration
This time, media streaming is tightly integrated into Article system (no additional plug-in needed) and supports even more formats ('swf', 'dcr', 'mov', 'qt', 'mpg', 'mp3', 'mp4', 'mpeg', 'avi', 'wmv', 'wm', 'asf', 'asx', 'wmx', 'wvx', 'rm', 'ra', 'ram'). Also, you’ll be able to easily embed into article body a link from YouTube or Google Video.
• Custom skins and templates for individual sections
Vivvo Template Engine (VTE), a proprietary template system we developed makes possible to choose individual article templates, set different templates/skins for different sections of your website and do much more. Our pre-made layout gallery will consists 3-6 templates for basic layout (2-col, 3-col, etc.) you’ll be able to choose from when constructing basic pages.
• Multi-lingual Administration
Site Administration will be available in different languages.
• Two levels of registered members (free/basic, paid/premium)
This option will allow you easily distinguish different levels of membership for accessing your website
• Article Generator plug-in
A plug-in that will let you create custom article output lists and generate any desired article boxes for your website. In other words - no need to comply to standard boxes anymoreWith a new set of features, you will be able to update various page elements without reloading the entire page, which will save you even more time!
• SEO Friendly Article Publishing
• Our websites are designed to be well balanced and search-engine-friendly and we position all the relevant elements (the titles of articles, important keywords, etc.) in the highly valued heading positions on the page.
• Thus, we allow very specific fine tuning of every individual page thru series of options and features Vivvo has like:
• Full mod rewrite support for complete website with shortest and most keyword-rich approach
• Custom titles and .html page names of every respective page and article you generate
• Automatically populated META Keyword and Description tags
• Automatically populated META Robots index and follow tags
• Custom fine-tuning of all META tags
• Automatic Sitemap

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